Object: „Mascotte“ showroom

Project category: shop interior 

Interior designers: Eglė Truskauskienė, Rasa Miliūnaitė

Area: 199 m2

Location: Trekhgorka, Moscow region

The conceptual model of the shoe shop was created as a standard for the other shops of the same chain. It can also be used for the business meetings and the new collection shows.

Two main themes in this interior are London and fashion. The first theme you can recognize at round shaped windows. They seems look like Big Ben.

 A huge catwalk embodies fashion theme. It is a junction between the conference and the meeting room zones and has two functions. Catwalk also can serve as a giant shoe shelf, but during the shows it can be an area to show fashion.

This conceptual model, has already been used for shoe shops in London, Moscow, Sankt Petersburg.