The history of a clothes brand “TM Ritter” dates back to 1982`s, when German tailor Albert Ritter opened his first tailor`s shop. Family business was then already famous for its perfectly sewed jackets, trousers, costumes and coats.  Although „TM Ritter“ isnt’t the family business anymore, even after 120 years company follows best menswear tailoring traditions. Fabulous fabrics, outstanding attention to detail, rational pedantry, of course friendliness and quality.

In the new store concept “TM Ritter” wanted to emphasize the brand values, so we choosed the tailor’s  image: two rows of coupling of clothes, pancreas in the middle of the room reminding an old tailors` cutting table, spacious cab with cloth dividers and a comfortable waiting area. All that age-verified. The pipe pursuit you along all of perimeter is made of a dark, ancient reminiscent cold-rolled steel. He pierces all the furniture – the big tailor closet, filled with shirts and ties and small belts canterbury. All the furniture is decorated by an old-style handles. Solid and snappy counterbalance for an ascetical studio environment a stylized retro chest of drawers, designed in mint-colored metal strips. The trimmings of the shop – framed fashion magazine pages, flowers maintained by caring hosts and, of course, the Eames “Lounge” armchairs, which already became  classic of archetypal design.